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Weight Loss Stomach Surgery

Weight Loss Stomach Surgery to Cure Morbid Obesity

Many patients with excessive problems of overweight are undertaking weight loss stomach surgery. Obesity surgery is becoming a reliable alternative to other remedies like diet, balanced food supplements and exercise which have failed now. The failing of all these methods prove that the patient is not able to maintain an ideal body weight and in many cases the body weight has to be regained.

Excess body weight if not cured within proper time can give rise to serious health problems like coronary strokes, cancer, heart disorders, diabetes and hypertension. In the next 25 years obesity is going to become the greatest economical drain on one’s family as well as one’s country. Obesity is a set of problems in which the patient suffers from excess body weight and other associated disorders like diabetes and hypertension. The persons suffering from morbid obesity are not able to respond to surgical means of weight loss.

Weight loss surgery involves many kinds of surgical procedures performed on people who are obese. Weight loss is obtained by decreasing the size of the stomach with a medical implant known as gastric banding. Sometimes surgeons remove a part of stomach with the help of procedures like sleeve gastrectomy or biliopancreatic diversion. Sometimes the small intestines are resected and re-routed through procedures like gastric bypass surgery. Long term health studies prove that procedures of weight loss surgery bring significant weight loss, reduce the chances of diabetes and decrease the rate of mortality from 25% to 45%.

Weight loss surgery is fine for persons who suffer from morbid obesity. Most of the patients have tried to become slim with balanced food diets and exercises but could not succeed. Doctors take a close checkup of the person to determine whether he is an eligible candidate for weight loss surgery or not. If the patient is not ready to do pre-surgical dieting and work then the surgeon can perform the weight loss surgery procedure. The patient qualifying for weight loss surgery should be suffering from morbid obesity which means that a man should have a body weight of 100 pounds and a woman should have a weight of 80 pounds with a body mass index of more than 40. You can get more details about weight loss stomach surgery in India by visiting:  . You can send your queries at:    OR  You can make a phone call to us at:  +91-9371136499

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