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Obesity Treatment Center in India

obesityWhen diet, exercise and other medication are not helping an obese person to loose weight, advance medical science is solution for such patients. Obesity leads to many fatal conditions of human body like diabetes, joint pain, heart disease and cancer. Weight loss surgery in many developed parts of world is very expensive and do not suits the budget of normal people. Obesity treatment center India offers best surgical option to lose extra weight, fats in a very budget-friendly manner. 

Obesity surgery is of many types and according to the condition, like body weight of patient etc., doctor will advice surgery which can be smoothly performed. Some health check-ups are necessary as obese person is highly susceptible for many of these, they are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, body mass index that should be at least 35 or more

There are options for obesity surgery, discussing the problem with surgeon will recommend which type of surgery suits the patient, they include

Ø  Gastric Bypass Surgery:  in this type the surgeons creates small section in stomach say small pouch which holds only small portions of food leading to lessen the diet. This will help extreme obese person to control the diet and lose weight. This surgery is considered beneficial when other surgeries are not advantageous. The types of gastric surgeries are

  • The Roux-en-Y (distal)
  • The Roux-en-Y (proximal)
  • Mini Gastric Bypass

Ø  Gastric band: it is considered minimal invasive surgery as it does not require large incision. The surgeon uses silicone band to squeeze the stomach which will hold only ounce of food helping the patient to maintain strict diet plan.

Ø  Sleeve Gastrectomy: In this process, the stomach is divided length-wise and a banana shaped tube or sleeve is created by removing 80% of stomach completely. The gastric band surgery is option for the huge person who can not under gastric bypass surgery.

Choosing correct option is most necessary and this can be provided by experienced surgeon who has complete knowledge and performed similar operations with success. India will offer best service as the medial fraternity in India is well developed and well renowned for supremacy with low cost healthcare. Obesity surgery India is best option to avail an economic weight loss method along with a holiday in beautiful place like India.

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