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Intra-gastric Balloon Surgery

Reduce that extra-amount of weight with Intra-gastric Balloon Surgery in India

Intragastric balloon surgery Weight-loss surgery is a tool which helps an individual to lose weight in a healthier way as it is not a cure for obesity. The primary aim of any weight-loss surgery is provide long-lasting and long-term solution to health-seeking patient so that they can live a more fulfilling and comfortable life. Obesity surgeon’s worldwide say that the success of such weight-loss surgery depends more on the ability of an individual to follow the guidelines provided i.e. lifestyle changes, diet and exercise. Surgical procedure performed improves the overall quality of life, improves mental health, overall development in physical health can equally benefit an individual. Studies indicate that now-a-days numerous health-seeking patients are planning to undergo weight-loss surgical procedure and it is even being widely accepted by a number of individuals. One such type of weight-loss surgery is Intra-gastric Balloon Surgery.

Intra-gastric Balloon Surgery is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon inserts a soft and silicone balloon in the stomach of patient and fills it with sterile saline. The procedure is performed to provide initial weight-loss in severely morbidly obese patient with basic objective to make it easier and safer to perform definitive surgery. This is a temporary procedure and the balloon is generally removed after a period of six months or so. This surgery is done with making incisions on the abdomen of the individual; the balloon is passed through the mouth and down to stomach with the help of endoscope. Many-a-times the patients are uncomfortable in the first week but with passage everything becomes normal and convenient. Obesity surgeons first examine and screen the medical records of the patient and accordingly decide on the best surgical plan.

Recent studies indicate that medical and healthcare facilities provided in India is superlative in terms of cost and quality services to overseas patients coming to India in search of economic and reasonably-priced Intra-gastric Balloon Surgery. Weight-loss medical centers in India are well-equipped with latest surgical devices and diagnostic facilities which help weight-loss surgeons to best suggest the treatment plan to overseas patients. Weight-loss surgeons in India have widespread expertise and training in national and international hospitals which help to attain the desired outcome from surgery with utmost ease and simplicity.

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants team has vast experience in this industry and has successfully assisted thousands of overseas patients for their Intra-gastric Balloon Surgery in India. The medical team has association with top-notch weight-loss medical and surgical centers and even well-qualified weight-loss surgeons who provide best clinical opinion to overseas patients for their treatment in India.
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